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One Man's Opinion: The Xbox One

Posted by Jonathan Terbeche on May 27, 2013 at 8:35 PM

Back in February when Sony held their Playstation 4 announcement conference, they received much backlash from the gaming community for not actually unveilling the console itself. By announcing a brand new console without showing the actual product, it made many consumers a little uneasy as to what they will be purchasing (or not purchasing) this Fall.

It's safe to wager that out of those watching the event in New York, members from Microsoft were among them, wanting to not only gain further insight into what their competitor was doing, but see how they handled their disclosure of information and most importantly how gamers received it.

Armed with their knowledge from observing Sony, Microsoft held their own announcement event to unveil their newest system, the Xbox One. Quickly learning from Sony's mistake, within the first 15 minutes of the event, Microsoft unveiled their new system. With a sleak, polished, though very large and chunky design, the new Xbox sat proudly as its own internal workings and list of features was rambled off in the background. Once the introduction was complete, Microsoft had the chance to use the remainder of the conference to excite and wonder viewers with exclusive game announcments and futuristic new features. A chance that will forever be missed.

As the conference went on, it slowly dawned on viewers that while Sony had not even shown their console, they had at least shown new games. Microsoft revealed only two previously unannounced games: "Forza Motorsports 5" and a new IP from Remedy, the creators of Alan Wake, called "Quantum Break." Accompanying those announcements were long discussions from EA about their EA Sports games which were of course coming to the console, and Activision with its largest-entertainment-franchise-in-the-world-with-dlc-that-comes-a-month-early-only-on-Xbox title, "Call of Duty."

There were, of course, other features and innovations on display, but none of them had to do with games, so I don't feel right talking about them on a gaming site. I just wish Microsoft had the same sensibility when planning their conference, because unless their E3 press conference showcases a mind-blowing number of games and exclusives, then the Xbox One will be the lonliest console that you ever knew.

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Reply Xbox One Dude
5:13 PM on October 31, 2013 
Will this iteration of the Xbox console be backwards compatible with old Xbox 360 games?

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