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Plants Vs Zombies PSN Review

Posted by Jason Rhoades on September 24, 2011 at 5:10 AM

Plants VS Zombies - this game was played 100% Every mini-game and puzzle beaten, every mode explored, and every unlockable purchased.

There are a few PSN games that really shine as bright as full retail PS3 games.  Plants Vs Zombies is definitely one of them.  This game is incredibly addictive, bright with light humor, reveling in awesome ideas, and brilliant with it's deep strategy.  From the very first level, the game progressively turns into an intense and strategic plant and zombie warzone. 

The premise is simple.  You play the side of plants that are defending against the onslaught of zombies trying to limp across your lawn and eat the brains of the people hiding in the house.  Playing like a unique tower defense game, you grow plants on your square-grid divided lawn to set up your defense.  There are defensive plants, offensive, and several specialty ones.  The zombies all follow one row walking towards your house and eating any plants in the way.  You simply have to incapacitate them before they reach the end. 

There are an exhaustive amount of cleverly thought out plants to call to arms.  The pea shooters are the basic offense that shoot peas down the row at oncoming zombies.  There are sunflowers that generate "sun" in little balls of light that you gather to use as currency to grow all these plants, and you can planet even more sunflowers to ramp up your production.   Wall Nuts are defensive measures that stop zombies in their tracks while they spend ages gnawing the nut down to size giving you ample time to finish them off with your offensive plants.  Those are the basic three, but everything gets alot crazier and fun from there. 

On the enemy side you have several types of zombies to deal with.  The basic ones simply walk down the row eating everything it crosses.  They also have stronger variants that wear road cones of buckets for armor that take several more hits.  Then you have zombies of different kinds such as diggers which dig underground and attack from behind.  There are also balloon zombies which hover over your plants unless you get special ones to deal with them. Then there are gargantuans which are massive hulk zombies that take a massive amount of damage before keeling over. 

The levels you play on change as well.  It ranges from a plain lawn to a night time setting with fog and a pool that provide several gameplay differences.  Night time lowers the sun output and which plants are awake.  The fog makes zombies impossible to see until they are alot closer, and the pool provides a completely different set up to deal with such as having to plant lily pads before you set anything else on there. 

As a strategy game, it's as fun and strategic as you can get.  There are several different ways to set up the offense that it makes for great experimentation.  I have 6 different methods that are all rather effective yet vastly different in what plants they consist of.  There are several mini games and puzzles to attempt after the satisfying adventure mode.   There are tons of different play styles that use different gameplay mechanics.  One turns the game into a scrolling shooter while another makes it play like bejeweled.  The puzzle mode was limited to 2 types of puzzles that have harder versions to progress through but for a game at this price, it's beyond justifiable.  There's also a very fun way of generating money in the Zen Garden mode where you water and feed plants and sell them at high prices.

Rounding out the experience is the hardcore survival modes.  These are the modes where you put your best strategies to the test.  The rounds last a lot longer so you have much more time to build the perfect army.  The hardest challenge in the entire game is to endure as long as possible in the Endless Survival mode. At the time of writing, the number 1 person on the PS3 has 138 rounds survived.  After perfecting my set up, I was only able to make it to 37.  Anything beyond that requires extremely quick thinking and reacting to what plants are getting damaged.  

Several other things make the game a prized experience.  The graphics are colorful and bright with a variety of plants and zombies to look at.  The humor is alive and kicking throughout the whole game from the zombies to the crazy guy who acts as your guide throughout the game.  Plants Vs Zombies is an addictive, wholly entertaining strategy game from start to finish and is totally worth the price.  I wil go on to say that it's one of the best games available on the PSN or in the realm of downloadable games for that matter. 


Difficulty - there is no difficutly stages except in the survival mode which quickly and satisfyingly ramps up in difficutly quickly.  The adventure mode is fairly easy with proper planning.  10/10

Multiplayer - there are some Vs and co-op modes that are quite fun but don't really add much to the mix.  6/10

Play Value - my play time was around 10 hours and I loved every minute of it.  10/10


10/10 - Masterpiece

This downloadable title did what many retail games strive to do

Here's a wallpaper to celebrate the review! 

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