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Gaming can be a lifestyle.  It can also be an escape.  I find it the perfect compliment to my otherwise ordinary life.  I'd rather lose myself inside a game than lose myself in the real world.  The writers for this site and I have a goal to report about the finest in the gaming industry and also include as much of the developers and readers as we can.  This industry is driven by all of us, so this website will be also.  

This also leads into other nerdy interests that I have which I'll detail later. 

More specifically about me, My name is Jason Rhoades and I'm half Korean.  I spend a lot of my free time writing and creating things.  Imagination runs wild in my mind.  Gaming is my de facto form of entertainment.  I enjoy almost every type of game and especially enjoy seeing the work put behind every game and how it affects the industry as a whole. 

My Top 10 Games/Series

1. God of War

2. Dark Souls/Demons Souls

3. Final Fantasy (X specifically) 

4. Valkyrica Chronicles

5. Bioshock

6. Little Big Planet

7. Dark Cloud 2

8. Shadow of the Colossus

9. Soul Calibur V

10. Elder Scrolls 

Obviously the big question is what system/company I prefer, and we here at More Than A Gamer are an honest bunch so I will say Sony, followed equally by PC and Nintendo. Even though I acknowledge PC as a greater gaming system overall, it's not unified by a singular vision or supported by a single company.  Sony keeps the playstation brand together under a gamer's vision while PC is kind of split under loyal developers and manufacturers that don't really support them that much.  

My biggest aspiration is to be a game designer and to be onstage to announce to the gaming media the first trailer for my game and experience that excitement first hand. 

Outside of gaming I watch a lot of anime. I really prefer dark and psychological anime and watch a lot of obscure series.  My top 10 anime are as follows:

1. Mushishi

2. Stein's Gate

3. Monster

4. Kara No Kyoukai

5. Code Geass

6. Full Metal Brotherhood

7. Fate/Zero

8. Clannad

9. Eden of the East

10. Death Note

 I also play Magic: The Gathering and participate in local tournaments.  I play Rock Band quite often, even reaching a plateau of 36th on the overall leaderboards on the first game's overall score for expert guitar.  (210th for drums) 

My PSN's Kluv, add me for some competition you scallywags!

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